I started my career as a graphic designer, gaining a solid grounding in all elements of design including colour, proportion, shape and size. After having been a stay-at-home-Mom for 19 years, I went back to school to become a certified Interior Decorator. I launched my initial business in 2009 to provide Interior Decorator and Design Consultant services in the Ottawa area. I quickly realized that the elements of design I had been taught as a graphic artist, seamlessly translated to Interior Design and Interior Decorating. 

My personal interest in small space design has became an integral part of my business. I experienced downsizing first hand moving from a large family country home, to a smaller city home, then finally to a new condo build in the heart of downtown Ottawa. 

I love designing smaller spaces as they require attention to design detail while also mastering the practical matters of function and form. However, smaller spaces, out of necessity need to be well edited to ensure you are still surrounded by the things you love, regardless of design trends. 

I have been published in Style at HomeOttawa at Home MagazineOttawa Magazine, and The Ottawa Citizen. I have been honoured with an award from the Canadian Decorators' Association (CDECA). My passion for working with colour led me to become certified as a True Colour Expert/TCE through colour guru Maria Killam’s excellent colour courses. 



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Maureen Coates  Interior Decorator, Design Consultant, TCE Certified

Maureen Coates
Interior Decorator, Design Consultant, TCE Certified

I am passionate about helping clients enjoy an organized, curated and functional life filled with beauty and a touch of luxury.