KBIS 2019, Las Vegas

Introducing our Sponsors, Part One

I had a dream 2 weeks ago. It was about bathtubs … bathtubs whose interiors were patterned with crazy designs, and because I dream in colour, I recognized they were wildly colourful as well. I have never seen anything like it and of course was curious the next morning about what would prompt me to have a dream about decorated bathtub interiors. I realized I was subconsciously getting super pumped about attending KBIS …. Kitchen and Bath Industrial Show, in Las Vegas, in mid-February.

As one of 24 designers invited by MODENUS to attend KBIS from February 19-21st, I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce and thank our 6 fabulous #designhoundsKBIS sponsors, in alphabetical order… CAESARSTONE , LAMPS PLUS and MR STEAM in my blog post today, followed by THERMADOR, and THOMPSON TRADERS , WELLBORN CABINET, in the following post.

Perhaps I’ll witness bathtubs, with patterned, textured and coloured interiors OR maybe I’ll be inspired to create my own?

For at least 30 years, Caesarstone has been a leading producer of natural quartz surfaces. Caesarstone takes pride in producing their quartz products conscientiously when it comes to the environment and sustainability standards. Their quartz surfaces are durable, non-porous, stain resistant and therefore require minimal upkeep … no waxing or sealing and daily cleanup is simplified with soap and water. Caesarstone quartz is available in four collections with various colours, designs, patterns and textures.

Photo credits via Caesarstone


I have a huge interest when it comes to sourcing lighting for the spaces I design, so our next sponsor, Lamps Plus, will be an exciting booth for me to visit at KBIS. Lamps Plus sells all manor of lighting fixtures including chandeliers, wall lights, ceiling lights, lamps, outdoor lights and ceiling fans not to mention furniture and accessories. Lamps Plus has an extensive website and provides lighting, furniture and accessories in a wide range of price points, and aesthetic categories, suitable for all design requirements.

Photo credits via Lamps Plus

Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 12.46.31 PM.jpeg

“Wellness is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. Yes, steam showers are a wonderful way to relax, but there’s so much more to the story.”

For over 100 years, Mr Steam has been making spa quality steam showers for both commercial and residential use. Daily steam showers are known to provide incredible benefits for your body and mind including skin care, respiratory health, relaxation, well being and holistic health. Mr Steam can deliver the time honoured benefits of steam therapy in your home.

Photo credit via Mr Steam


My following blog post will feature sponsors… Thermador, Thompson Traders and Wellborn Cabinet.

And next week stay in touch for all details kitchen and bath by following hashtags #designhoundsKBIS #KBIS19 #sponsors #designhounds #modenus on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin

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