KBIS in Las Vegas

Design Hounds ‘sniff’ out the best their Sponsors have to offer at KBIS

As owner of LUXURY TRANSITIONS, a boutique Decorating and Design Consultation business, in Canada’s Eastern Ontario region, I am constantly on the hunt for new and improved inspiration and design solutions, particularly for small space design. The opportunity to attend design related trade shows and experience current design trends and solutions is a boon for my business and in turn, my clients.

I recently returned from KBIS, as an invited MODENUS #DesignhoundsKBIS Influencer. It was whirlwind 4 day trip from Feb 18-21st … two days of walking KBIS at the Las Vegas Convention Center, and 2 days of travel which extended into an overnighter, on a chair, for 7 hours at Pearson International Airport, in Toronto (but that’s another story which involves freakish Las Vegas winter weather and winter travel in general).

Now, you may be asking…..

  1. What is KBIS?

  2. …. what on earth is a Modenus #DesignHoundsKBIS Influencer?

  3. …. and why would I want to attend KBIS?


1. KBIS (Kitchen and Bath Industry Show) is the premier kitchen and bath show put on in partnership with NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association) of all things related to kitchen and bath design, installation, codes and decorating. Because kitchens and bathrooms are the ultimate workhorses in our homes, they are ever evolving and being perfected for ease of function and beautification. KBIS and NKBA are the promoters of essential and great kitchen and bath design. 

KBIS in VEGAS entertained 600 vendors from mostly North America, and some from Europe, in 430,000 net sq ft of space at the Las Vegas Convention Centre. IT IS A GINORMOUS VENUE. 


2. But wait… you deserve an explanation of who? what? where? how? why? #DesignhoundsKBIS Influencer came to be… 

There’s an in depth backstory, but I’ll give you the ‘Coles Notes’ version. 

Way back in 2011, Veronika Miller, co founder and CEO of MODENUS, had a brilliant idea and invited 16 design bloggers on an exclusive design centric trip to London. The bloggers in turn penned their blog posts about the London design trip to include tags, links to sponsors, and applicable hash tags. This first Blog tour was sooooooo successful that more followed. In fact I was invited on #BlogTourNYC in 2014. I remember feeling incredibly fortunate to fulfil my obligation to write 9 blog posts about our generous sponsors. I know that that Blog Tour trip was a WIN / WIN for me as much as it was for our sponsors. I not only benefitted from the travel experience and design exposure, but the people connections became imbedded, so much so, that when Blog Tour morphed into Design Hounds in 2016, it wasn’t by invitation that I went … I invited myself ! That inaugural #Designhounds trip which was in London, was followed by many more including trips I again invited myself on … to Milan and Venice and just this past fall, to Copenhagen. By 2016, posting content with tagging and hashtags on Instagram and Facebook was seeing a surge over traditional blog posting, which suited me perfectly. I love taking photos, editing and writing a quick post. BAM!

You could say I’m true blooded and part of the pack … think of us as the equivalent of a ‘hound’dog, on the pursuit of tracking or chasing prey…. where Design Hounds are tracking, sourcing, and chasing design inspiration…. and when we seize that sought after inspiration … we show it off on social media and sometimes write blog posts.

IMG_4667 2.jpeg

3. The opportunity for me to attend KBIS presented itself via invitation, again from MODENUS, to join 23 other sponsored designers as #DesignhoundsKBIS at KBIS2019. I had recently rebranded by design business and my LUXURY TRANSITIONS website now included a JOURNAL page where I would write my design blog. I was thrilled … I was the only Canadian included, and would be joining some very knowledgable and well known designers (photo above) … two from as far away as Scotland and Dubai. Armed or I should say ‘footed’ with superior walking shoes, (DANSKO Clogs one day and FIT FLOP runners the next) I trod back and forth through 5 Las Vegas Convention Centre show areas, accumulating 10-15k steps per day. As a sponsored designer, I gladly took tons of inspirational photos, jotted down pertinent information, visited our sponsor booths, partook in seminars, and was invited to imbibe on mimosas, fancy cocktails and yummy nibblies. A huge bonus was the interaction I had wth my fellow #DesignhoundsKBIS Influencrs, some who I had met previously, or was familiar with through social media, and others I was connecting with for the first time at KBIS. During those two days, I also ran across, or was introduced to superstar designers that I will admit to stalking on Instagram and Facebook. It’s tantamount to meeting your favourite movie star face to face, then staring wide-eyed, whereupon you find yourself holding your camera upside down and jumbling your words, hoping to be noticed and impressive.

I know, it sounds like a tough gig, but someone’s gotta do it … and I’m super glad and thankful that I was one of those ‘someones’.

And now to introduce and extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to our incredibly generous #KBIS2019 sponsors, who not only paved the road for a successful #DesignhoundKBIS experience in Las Vegas, but also provided us with a wealth of product knowledge and take away information regarding kitchen and bath design. I’m now pleased to pass on the highlights and links of our sponsors.



This was our ‘party animal’ sponsor. They gifted us bourbon shots on the bus, on our way to being hosted at the fan-tabulous The New American Home with cocktails and nibblies, and half naked dancing models (not kidding) painted in the newest caearstone colours, while other models were disguised to look like their surroundings ... it was a fun night ... the theme was #objectsofintrigue

  • “BEYOND THE SURFACE” : tagline for The New American Home featured during KBIS

    ‘the imagination we use to infuse beauty and performance in unpredictable places’   

  • leading manufacturer of quartz surfaces

  • ‘retain the cool tactile qualities of nature’s strongest stone’

  • composed of 93% quartz

  • possibilities for quartz used on surfaces is endless

  • new Metropolitan Collection: Excava, Airy Concrete, Topus Concrete, Cloudburst Concrete, Frozen Terra



This booth was our very first sponsor visit and it was housed in #KBISSalon

  • family owned for 40 years and a leader in lighting industry 

  • an array of styles: chandeliers table lamps, floor lamps, pendants, sconces, indoor and outdoor light fixtures

  • various finishes to suit any decor

  • variety of styles to suit every aesthetic: modern, contemporary, country, transitional, traditional

  • a large inventory of furniture, mirrors and accessories 

  • provides Lamps Plus Pro: professional trade options for designers, electricians, contractors and builders. 


I was excited when I heard Mr Steam was one of our sponsors at KBIS 2019. I had been to another Mr Steam sponsored event a few years prior and was immediately convinced that I needed to install a Mr Steam shower at our cottage property.

The far Right, top and bottom photos are LUXURY TRANSITIONS before and after, new build bathroom.

I can confidently attest to the fact that steam bathing via STEAM THERAPY is beneficial for :

  • Respiratory Health

  • Skin Care

  • Holistic Health 

  • Well-Being

  • Physical wellness 

  • as well as economical and and energy saving

    The top row are before Mr Steam installations and the bottom row are after Mr Steam has been been installed. These photos illustrate that existing showers and tubs spaces, and new build or renovation installations can easily be achieved at various price points and design aesthetics.



We were invited to the Thermador booth and greeted with fabulous blue cocktails displayed in one of their many refrigeration options.

  • manufactures of appliances since 1916

  • two new styles of luxury appliances recently launched

* Masterpiece Collection:  sleek, elegant, flush installation, integrated control 

* Professional Collection: bold profile, professional style handles and knobs

  • ultimate ‘glass care centre’ dishwasher

  • built in ovens, steam ovens and speed ovens

  • Pro Grand Range and Pro Harmony Range

  • Refrigeration columns: wine, fridge, freezer

  • .Thermador Connected Experience by Home Connect … connecting appliances to the internet using ‘Voice Assistants’ and ‘Smart Home Integration’ in order to control appliance, search for recipes, shopping using connecting an integrated app.



Although I had been to the Thompson Traders booth at other trade shows, I was enthralled hearing our #DesignhoundsKBIS sponsor inform the history of their copper sink passion.

  • 16 year family owned and operated business. 

  • copper sinks, are spectacular pieces of functional art.

  • hand hammering and finishing techniques are used to portray the organic design seen in the natural beauty surrounding the family matriarch’s town in west-central Mexico.

  • copper products have recently been joined by stainless steel, brass and nickel and custom finishes. 



I absolutely loved Wellborn Cabinet booth. It was massive and had several fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, office and storage displays. They had so much to offer and show us, that I had a difficult time keeping track of the photos I took.

  • family owned and operated since 1961

  • produces heirloom quality cabinets from their own timber processing mills

  • 7 product lines

  • 6 produced with traditional framed cabinetry and one full access frameless cabinetry

  • recessed profiles with LED strips of lighting

  • activated wastebasket pullout

  • toe kick pullout for pet bowls

  • paper towel holder (mounted underneath cabinetry)

  • many pant and stain options

  • several hardware options

All blog post images via Maureen Coates, LUXURY TRANSITIONS, unless otherwise specified in photo


The value added knowledge of attending this trade show is inestimable inspiration for LUXURY TRANSITIONS. With background explanation of KBIS and #DesignhoundKBIS, you can understand the thrill of not only being a committed Design Hound, but of participating with wonderful sponsors whose products I am pleased to endorse.

If you have queries about the products, please click on the links provided with each sponsor’s name. You can also catch up on all of #DesignhoundKBIS participants’ social media and blog posts by following hashtags #designhounds #designhoundsKBIS #KBIS2019, on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

I would sincerely like to thank KBIS, MODENUS, all the #DesignhoundsKBIS participants, and particularly our generous sponsors:







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