Are Your Collections in Hiding?

I Am An Advocate For Your Collections


I have a thing about collecting. If I’m attracted to something, I want more than one or two…I want an assemblage. Some folks think small, and collect stamps, while others concentrate on BIG, and collect antique cars. Whatever your collection addiction might be, do you have yours on display, or has it been discarded to a dark corner, now home to cobwebs and mice droppings? For the purpose of this post, I’m going to define a collection as the mindful accumulation of more than two of a similar item. I want to distinguish between mindful and artful collecting vs accidental and haphazard collecting which can result in borderline hoarding…a very different kind of addiction. 


Below … a collection of beloved vintage jewelry, stuck in a box. I suggested to my LUXURY TRANSITIONS client that we mount the jewelry in the box and fasten the box to the wall. An instant and meaningful collection transformed into art, that is a window to the the owner’s personality.

I am an ADVOCATE FOR COLLECTIONS … I want to raise them from their tombs, insist that they see daylight, be out on display artfully

Over the years, I have determined that the gewgaw (what a great word) I collect speak volumes about my personality and design aesthetic, and I’m willing to bet it works the same for you. To me, collections are not just inanimate objects. Although individual items are dormant, once joined in a cohesive collection, they become living breathing entities …. don’t you think? I want your collections to reveal not only their personalities, but to reveal yours as well (regardless of its inane normality or eye rolling quirkiness). If you have invested the time and energy to collect more than two of the same item, you should really invest an equal amount of time in proudly showing off your collection. 

What was once an overcrowded office became a luxurious ‘dressing room’. LUXURY TRANSITIONS was hired to transform the office and highlight the client’s collection of vintage clothing and accessories and display them artfully throughout the new dressing room.

This LUXURY TRANSITIONS client had a fabulous collection of quilts hidden inside a closet, and she is also a rug hooker who uses a variety of yarn. I decided we needed to display both her quilt collection and her rug hooking yarn collection in one coordinated space …her new office. Imagine being surrounded by the things you love, in your work space. WIN /WIN !

To have a successful and display worthy collection you must …

  • collect out of interest for the object

  • be able to afford it

  • have more than 2 of a similar item

  • be dedicated to the art of collecting 

  • be patient….don’t waver in your focus

  • use your collections, move them around, use them seasonally, occasionally switch it up 

  • know when to stop collecting ie: your collection is too large

  • admit graciously to defeat when your collection is no longer viable

  • release the collections that no longer bring you ‘JOY’ (thank you Marie Kondo)

  • display in an artful way; consider the size, shape, pattern and colour of your collection

My collection of white German Bisque vases purposed in 3 different locations and vignettes.


A collection of 16 Playbills from broadway plays I attended while living in NYC. I’m a huge fan of live theatre and I have always kept theatre playbills and ticket stubs, but mostly as a diary. While I was collecting the playbills above, I had no idea that I would end up framing them and hanging as artwork. This collection, transformed into framed art, has become the perfect memento of my 9 months of literally living around the corner from Broadway, NYC.

A long time collection of red and white transfer ware that has moved with me from house to house, not only adds colour and pattern, and a touch of history, but these dishes are actually used.

The ultimate and favourite world wide collection …. books. They can virtually go in any room, any space. But they hold more weight visually when presented in interesting displays. Placing both vertically and horizontally, injecting accessories, other collections, colour coding and introducing negative space will up the personality ante and turn library boring to library inspiring.


One of my all time favourite collections, started when I was little. The large H&K Tunstall jug in the middle of this vignette, sat on our fireplace mantel for years. When my parents downsized, the jug was gifted to me. I had always admired the colours and hand painted pattern. Thus began my interest in collecting this pattern. I now have upwards of 25 pieces.


Although I have several collections, some I have curated for years, I have to admit that a few have become tiresome and no longer inspire me. They are in fact stored in the basement gathering dust. My design aesthetic has evolved, and it’s time to move forward. I have no regrets, in fact I have to walk the talk and talk the talk that I espouse to my LUXURY TRANSITIONS clients …. EDIT . CURATE . DESIGN. … and that’s ok. My previous treasures will become treasures for someone else. Passing them on is the ultimate recycling journey. It is especially heartening to know that vintage and antique collections are still a hot commodity, and likely always will be.

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