A few of you today, heard me on twitter and FB, asking, or actually begging for some help with my Christmas gift wrapping. I have to take extreme effort to psyche myself up for this monumental task. It is all about the organization ...and believe me, I'm a  fairly organized person, but gift wrapping is truly a pain in the butt and back for me...NOT kidding. I require all the players to be lined up accordingly before I begin.

Here is my dilema...

As you can see, I have all the I'm only showing you this picture so that you may understand my frustration with gift wrapping. If this is my gift wrapping area...where does the gift perch to get gussied up?

While finishing off my christmas shopping today....yes it is done, finito...I was wondering how to tackle the task of gift wrapping so that at the end I would be sane and my normal chipper self.

Enter my brilliant idea....

a plastic garbage can?

...but with these added....

...becomes this.....can you see where I'm going?

....and then morphs into this......hellllloooooo!!!!

with a designated spot for these.....

....and for these too....another brilliant idea is coming to fruition.... looks messy, I know, but each ribbon end is pulled through a different slot. If this goes as planned iI can possibly keep them from unravelling onto each other.

I now have one strong plastic container for rolls of paper, attached to that, cotainers holding assorted ribbons, scissors, pens, tape in their precise spots and one rectangular  8"deep plastic bin large enough for tissue to lay flat. I'm am now ready for a fire, christmas music a glass of red vino and my marathon Christmas gift wrapping to begin in hopes that my gifts will look like this.... tomorrow!

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