You guys are sooooo lucky because I am posting twice this week, which I don't think I have ever done.

This post is the continuation of Tuesday's post ...EVERYWHERE A CHIP, CHIP.... I have oodles of leftover paint chips and I wanted to do something utterly fantabulous with them. You see, we need some inexpensive decor items for our new condo. I had an AHA moment! Create something big with the paint chips. So I did!

I started out with 22" X 28" white poster board and rubber cement.
Oh ya, doesn't my upstairs, bright, all mine, new office space have a pretty view....I just love it.

I had previously trimmed hundreds of Benjamin Moore paint chips. I used only one type of paint chip as I knew I wanted size uniformity. I randomly chose a spot and laid down the first chip...the yellow one, then started to glue other chips around it.

The circle...or shall we say my version of the colour wheel started to take shape. Now remember, I was choosing previously trimmed chips RANDOMLY. I wanted to see what would happen with the colours when not carefully curated.

By this stage, I gotta tell you ...well let's just say I'm glad my pretty windows were open...WOWZA, rubber cement is not pleasantly odiferous....to me anyway.
Can you see my three, somewhat defined colour wheels.  At this point I have to admit that I had to chose the placement of a few chips as my pile was getting low on certain colours.
What I started to notice was how the colours were relating with each other....how some look great together and others, not so much.  I also confirmed to myself yet again that when choosing paint colours you MUST view them on a white background. Each colour's appearance is drastically affected by the colour on either side of it.


So after several hours of gluing several hundred Benjamin Moore paint chips, I cleaned up the excess rubber cement and framed my masterpiece in an IKEA  28" X 40" RIBBA frame in chocolate brown.

...to be hung either vertically or horizontally as the space dictates. 
(sorry for the glare...took lots of pics,  and these were the best)

Would I do this again?.....You betcha, but a different format / design as the possibilities are endless.