Only 4.5 weeks to go until the expected arrival of Master Bean. As you can see below, Mommy is getting comfy with Geronimo Giraffe, a gift from me and his two Aunts....a big cuddly guy I could not leave in the store, particularly since he goes with the jungle theme I'm designing the nursery around.

So way back in February, when Bean was the size of ...well, a bean....Michelle and Jordan went baby shopping and picked out a crib and matching dresser. I suggested that they get good quality furniture and they did just that, choosing a crib that triples as a junior bed, then a double bed, and a solid dresser all from Fab Baby Gear The next decision was to choose a wall colour and all parties agreed on 13" horizontal stripes around the room in BM boulevard CC-394...a super close match to the furniture. You can read about the stripe project here.

At this point, we did not know the sex of Baby Bean and my thought was to have a gender neutral nursery....who knows how many Coates-Mather babies will be rock-a-byed to sleep in this room. I gave M & J a few choices of themes / colours from Pottery Barn Kids nursery collections. They chose the Jungle Friends theme and I was secretly thrilled with their choice.  Hence Geronimo Giraffe.

Now for the fun part... choosing coordinating fabrics for the roman shade, pillows, bench / toy box seat pad cover. I get super excited when I'm on the perfect fabric hunt. Colour, pattern and texture are integral components to the finished room...I get giddy when I find the perfect fabric. The green leaf pattern will be the roman shade, the IKAT fabric is now a pillow cover and the geometric will soon be the bench / toy box seat pad cover. I have to mention that this project is chock- a- block full of high/low decorating solutions, which I will reveal in the 'reveal post' at a later date. However, I will tell you that the green bench / toy box used to be M&J's coffee table in their condo. Spray painting is a joyous thing which brings new life to old stuff!

There have been a few baby showers, three in fact, and the last one was hosted by my dear friend Karen and her lovely daughter Amy. It was decided that a group gift would be the ideal surprise for M and J and the glider I had chosen for them fit the bill.

Gramo and Mommy at the shower ... seven weeks to go. Isn't she glowing?

The fabulous glider group gift, also from Fab Baby Gear.....waiting to lull Bean to sleep. Wasn't keen on the supplied kidney pillow so I designed one from the fab fabric chosen earlier. Michelle mentioned that she wished she had an ottoman to go with the glider. I had a better and less expensive idea. I knit a pouf and stuffed it with 3 duvets. DONE! 

Not sure you'll hear from me on this project until the room is completed...hopefully in a few weeks. Even if Bean arrives early, the room is more than functional now. 


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