BlogTourNYC ... A Photo Diary

I'm baaaaaack.... It's been two weeks since I left and do I have a ton of stuff to sort through...IMG_1486.jpg ..... and BTW, BlogtourNYC was FABULOUS!  More in depth posts will follow shortly, but for now, a photo diary of some of my favourite moments  ....

It must be told, that very few of the invited 12 bloggers had met before this trip. One way to break the ice is to have a drink ...or two. We were welcomed with Prosecco our first night.... lots of it, first at Michele Varian and then Calypso Home 


.... and  who could refuse a morning mimosa during Marys and Mimosas at the AD Home Design Show a few days later...


On our first day of BlogTourNYC learning, Spring nodded at us while strolling through the Flower Market....


We  broadened our vast array of talents while creating individual floral arrangements  at Ainsley Flowers, courtesy of Tess Casey sponsored by WestEdge Design Fair. Just look at that room full of design concentration!


We broke bread and shared plates together at Eataly, a lunch hosted by DXV .  In fact, we had a few meals with sharing endearing way to further get to know one and other.  Helllloooooooo Marc at the end of the table


We were then introduced to 150 years of bathroom and kitchen design progression at DXV....


We were enlightened with food styling and food photography classes given by Sue and Will Brinson of House of Brinson  at the Miele Showroom at A&D Building 


....and later dined on delectable delicacies prepared just for us by Chef Cedric Vongerichten. 


Some of us were thrilled to meet long time SM friends IRL  .... Finally!  On the left,  Amy Beth Cupp Dragoo  and on the right, Michelle Cortizo 

PicMonkey Collage.jpgWe learned about Ruskin, the new design system from Rutt Cabinetry


 Prizer Hoods wowed us with their booth..


...And Dr Marcus Miele, the great grandson of Miele co founder Carl Miele, delighted us with a special appearance at the Miele booth during our booth visit at AD Home Design Show.


We OOOUUUed  AAAAHHHHed at the DIFFA table displays ... I of course was slightly partial to the Ottawa Canada's Capital display


We met design legend Bunny Williams and her hubby John Rosselli at their lovely shop Treillage  ... part of a design day organized by Tina Ramchandani and Sarah Sarna of FranklinEighth


At McGuire Furniture Showroom, we enjoyed vignettes of their outstanding quality


...and during those four days we ALL fell in love with this spectacular family, Veronika Miller, CEO of Modenus, the brains and brawn behind 4 years of BlogTour, her 'right hand-man' daughter Florence Von Pelet (M) and younger daughters  Sarah (L) and Celia (R)


Finally, our last meal as one BlogTourNYC group at ABC Home Cocina . We shared, and reflected what we had experienced and learned and undoubtedly formed lasting friendships.

Thank you V.



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