Miele and BlogTourNYC.... Part One

IMG_1128.jpgThere is so much to say about Miele.  They were an extremely supportive and informative sponsor of BlogTourNYC.  So much so, I needed to compose two posts in order to do complete justice to their participation with us. This first post will concentrate on the two fabulous opportunities provided to us by Miele on the first full day of BlogTourNYC learning.

We were invited to Miele in the Architects and Design Building  in order to see the new line of Miele products before the official unveiling at AD Home Design Show the following day.  I will discuss Miele, day 2 in my next post. Our learning at Miele began with food styling and food photography with Susan and William Brinson of House of Brinson I was especially excited about this session as I had been following Susan and Will on TW and FB for several years....and now I was getting photography lessons from them. WOW!!



My top ten House of Brinson styling and photography takeaways:

  •  It is imperative to have a consistent theme in your photography.  For example, Sue and Will ALWAYS have contrast...colour, texture, shape, or pattern etc in each photo. That is their style or niche.
  •  Daylight is the best light for most photography.
  •  Try to edit BEFORE the shot instead of after. Minimal editing post shot is more desirable.
  •  If photographing food, you might need to prepare much more than needed to get that perfect shot. Icing doesn't always cooperate on shoot day.
  •  Straight on shots are more pleasing to look at. Correct the angles in your viewfinder, using a grid if provided, before taking the photo.
  •  Using a tripod will ensure more level, sharper and consistent shots. A MUST HAVE!
  •  Use a cable release or timer mode.
  •  Filtering unwanted light will enhance your shots.  Almost anything will do....even a menu.
  •  There is no need to shoot the entire room.  A tight shot or specific area is better.
  •  Small areas need a super wide lens, knowing that you will crop within the distortion area.

All of my photos were taken during #BlogTourNYC with either my iPhone5S or iPad Air....however, I may need to bite the bullet a purchase something more sophisticated and less automatic.



I tried to remember and use these valuable photography lessons while we watched  our delightful meal being prepared. Shortly after the photography lesson, we were asked to come into the Miele Showroom kitchen where we were greeted with sensory delight. Chef Cedric Vongerichten  was working his magic just for us and preparing our meal before our eyes. We were invited to watch, ask questions and take photos. I truly wish I could transport the aroma and flavours of this meal through your viewing screens, but my photos will have to suffice.







These MAITAKE MUSHROOMS..... never have I seen, tasted, touched, smelled such magnificence. In fact I nominated these mushrooms as one of The Best of BlogTourNYC  design finds. And why not?  They display variation in colour, the texture is...well indescribable, the form is exactly as it should be, and lets not forget the pattern and harmony displayed. Natural design personified!



And finally... The Meal.  It was truly superb. I don't recall talking to my table mates. I don't recall very much chatter period. We were all enamoured with the presentation, taste and smell of the feast set before us.

Untitled.jpg 1.jpg 

Thank Miele for your generous sponsorship of BlogTour NYC. A truly unforgettable day!

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 5.34.18 PM

More Miele fabulousness continues in the next BlogTourNYC post