Calypso Soho and BlogTourNYC in Vignettess

How lucky were we? Two wonderful stores in SoHo on our first night AND more champagne. Calypso SoHo Home  was kind enough to invite Modenus #BlogTourNYC  into their wonderful store. I could have done some major shopping here, but that would have required another large suitcase and some explaining at customs upon my re entry into Canada. Calypso St Barth which has several boutiques throughout the US, opened in 1992 and is now recognized as a luxury lifestyle brand in both clothing and home furnishings. Travel, art and culture are the main sources of inspiration for the Calypso brand.  I encourage you to peruse  Calypso St Barth lovely website. IMG_8566.jpg

I'm a colour gal, but I found the absence of colour in the displays of furniture, art, textiles and accessories extremely soothing.  Please enjoy the following vignettes. As you will see, Calypso SoHo Home enjoys neutral and monochromatic schemes where pattern and texture take centre stage ... with random pops of colour.








Yes, I did love our visit to Calypso, St Barth, and will I return. Thank you for feting #BlogTourNYC ...we thoroughly enjoyed your lovely shop.

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 5.34.18 PM