Tap Dancing with Excitement...

If I were wearing tap shoes, you would hear me tapping a happy dance....on every hard surface I could find.  I know you want the explanation of the dancing, but first I must perform the lead in or drum roll....... I initiated my little home based interior decorating business almost 5 years ago after going back to school to become a certified Interior Decorator. I was 51ish. I started on social media...Twitter, around the same time. I've been on FB for about three years and this blog is just over three years old. My first blog post was titled  Barbie and I It is an introduction to me and the roots of my love for design and decor.  I am now on Instagram (LOOOOOVE) and Pinterest. In a Bajillion years, when I began this social media adventure, I would not have expected to virtually meet so many talented, stylish, awe inspiring folks who write and share the most witty, informative, and awe inspiring stuff from every corner of the globe. Hells bells, when I was growing up in the 60-70's a computer was the size of a room, our telephone hung from the wall and our 9 channel TV was black and white. Truly boggles the mind!   The drum roll is reaching it's climactic crescendo.  I know you're all on pins and needles now,  so without further digression... The most fantastic invitation was extended to me a month ago and it took me a nano second to respond in the affirmative. It is however, taking longer to realize the impact this invitation has and will have on me and my blog and perhaps my little home business. Here it comes.... I HAVE BEEN INVITED TO ATTEND BLOG TOUR NYC from March 18-22.



This is huge folks.... major league, pinch me  and please don't wake me up if it's a dream... kind of huge.  I have been watching, listening and learning about the previous BlogTours presented by Modenus on Twitter and FB since it's inaugural tour to London in 2011.  I have lived vicariously through design and lifestyle bloggers who had the talent and good fortune to have been invited on previous BlogTours, but did not imagine that I would one day be invited myself.  Well of course, I actually did imagine it, hoped it, and dreamed it too.  It  has become a reality.  Hence the happy dance tap dancing going on right now. At the moment, I know this ....

PicMonkey Collage

.....and in a very short while, I will tell you about the partnerships and sponsors that will be making this BlogTour a unique experience for the other eleven invitees,  Modenus  and BlogTour NYC organizers. For now, I'm tapping my imaginary tappers to the beat of excitement, curiosity, anticipation with several click toe THANK YOUs to Modenus for extending this wonderful opportunity to a gal who once designed 'Barbie's' clothes and apartments with complete intention and innocence.


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