Chevron and Herringbone Motifs at IDS14


Every season we are bombarded with with features about the latest design and decor trends. 'This one is dead'... 'that one is gong to be around for awhile'. If you follow me, you will recognize that I'm not a trend fact I tend to walk in the opposite direction when what's HOT in the trendy department is strategically calling my name. That is not to say that I don't ever use trendy stuff in my projects. The Chevron has been declared 'dead' in the world of trends, (so has beige, but that's another story entirely), and I certainly have no intention of dissing  ALL chevron motifs, and will gladly employ when appropriate.  In fact, Interior Designers who exhibited at IDS14 in Toronto this past week, appear to also be on board with chevrons, and the newest trend...herringbone. IMG_0442

The classic chevron created by the mirror image of marble at the  Olympia Tile and Stone  booth clearly shows that this 'trend' is not going anywhere fast.



Not to be confused with the chevron motif, the herringbone motif is similar in structure and is making a huge come back. What goes around comes around. This herringbone pattern was been designed to highlight the various patterns in a tile collection at the Ceragres exhibit.


Lets take a look at the differences between chevron and herringbone structure. Both are set at 45 degree angles, to create a zig zag pattern, but the top and bottom corners are cut at 45 degrees in the chevron motif, whereas the pieces in the herringbone pattern are laid perpendicular to each other. Both patterns are classic, and are most often used in flooring scenarios, but fabric, wall applications etc are also being pursued.





More herringbone tile pretty from Ceragres.


...but what's this?... more chevron motif is displayed in a very creative format at Keiou Design lab where surface wall design is explored.



This was a hugely popular booth at IDS14 and for good reason ...Cocoon had an entire wall decked out in green and white chevron pattern with Aerin Lauder displayed in eye catching gold. Me thinks this was a huge coup for the chevron.



One of my favourite displays of herringbone is the creative use by Beauti-Tone Paint  of paint stir sticks to create this adorable herringbone floor sample.




My philosophy on design and decor trends is quite simple....I don't follow trends and I don't subscribe to trends unless the the application suits the style, aesthetic, and personality of my client's space.


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