I took this picture on my street yesterday, September 1st , 2013 

It is the final long weekend of the summer. In fact, today is Labour Day and I know many of you are noticing the 'nesting instinct' has started to creep back into your lives. From the email requests for consultations I have recieved recently, September seems to signal a resurgance of getting the house in order. Perhaps for the upcoming 2014 winter festivities, holidays and Christmas, or after a long hot summer, you desire to cozy things up in your home, or  you simply need a change.  

Above is the living room in a condo I decorated a few years ago. Notice how the before and after wall colours are similar in value (light /dark) but are very different hues (colour) Also notice how the light cast on the wall in the before photo affects the colour on the wall. Choosing colour can be challenging. If you are moving forward with your 'nesting' projects, I encourage you to read the post I  wrote for The TBB blog ......  Every Colour Under the Rainbow ... How to Choose. There are some great tips on how to make choosing colour less stressful.

Safe and Happy Labour Day to all. 

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