As a designer, I'm constantly looking to change things up a bit. It's easy to get in a rut, particularly when I'm decorating my own space. Christmas is a perfect example of this. I have used various kinds of green garland for years to deck our mantle and staircase railing. Green has always worked with our decor, so in some ways it has been a no brainer to continue to do so.
In my 2011 Christmas post, I showed you a photo of our mantle and I attempted to validate the reasons why WE as a society get hung up on the Christmas decorating frenzy.

This year, I decided I would forgo the green garland and I would not get myself in a tizzy over Christmas decorating. Instead I started early and I decorated with coppers, bronzes, brass and a tiny bit of gold. I got the colour inspiration from our living room, which already sports these finishes. I added magnolia leaves for a hit of green, mini white lights, glass balls and glittery pine cones....easy peasy.

To attach the pine cones to the garland, I secured them with a lengthy piece of copper wire, which I wrapped haphazardly around a pencil, then pulled to the desired length.

...she looks as purty during the day as she does at night.

We dont have a traditional Christmas tree at home....not enough room. But I'm very attached to the Christmas ornaments that I have given to my three daughters every Christmas Eve. For the past two years, I've decorated the mantle with these treasured ornaments.

....but this year, we are the proud owners of a Manzanita tree, which has been a permanent fixture in our living room since our daughter's wedding last February. The all-occasion tree is now our Christmas tree, bejewelled with the meaningful ornaments from Christmases past. But don't get me going on the four boxes (out of 8 boxes) of brand spanking new mini lights that ALL worked when I tested them, then refused to work after they were in place....gahhhhhh!!!!  Next year, instead of mini white lights, I'm going to go way over budget and spring for the LED lights on the skinny wire....Christmas light sanity has got to be worth something!!!!

Our Christmas presents would never fit under this Christmas tree, so I had to get creative with faux Christmas presents.

Craft paper, a signature wrapping paper and lots of copper, bronze, brass and gold ribbon were used to dress up my faux gifts. I loved getting crafty with the ribbon and curly wire for these few gifts, but can't imagine putting that much effort into gift wrapping for gifts that will be torn asunder in seconds.

Cannot believe that the Christmas decorating is done for another year. Remember, there are no hard fast rules. Use the decorations that are meaningful to you. Do not feel pressure to always decorate the same way.
(CONFESSION....I did not garland my banister this year...and so far no one has noticed)


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