On February 18th, 2011, seven Ottawa Designers descended on the The Good Companions center in downtown Ottawa with ladders, hammers, dusters and our talent.  We were there to begin the transformation of the foyer, reception area and a small store being moved to just beyond the reception area. The staff and seniors using the center required a more open, friendly and comfortable area in which to gather.  Our team leader, Sonya Kinkade of Sonya Kinkade Design had been approached in December by The Yummy Mummy Club in conjunction with The United Way to undertake this project for Extreme Makeover Kindness Edition during Kindness Week in Ottawa.

This endeavour was to be accomplished entirely with donations and sponsors from the Ottawa community. Not a small task. We needed construction, paint, furniture, accessories, flowers and a photographer to document the process. The reveal was scheduled for Feb 19th.
Many, many donors came to our aid. All of these donations will be featured in Donor Spotlight posts written by the other designers and linked on the sidebar on this blog.

I am proud to be featuring the donation from  Ottawa International Airport Authority. The Ottawa community, we have found, is committed to helping others in need and Ottawa International Airport Authority is no different. When they were approached to assist us, they came through with these wonderful, comfortable chairs.

Danielle Lynn Phtography

As Krista Kealey, VP, Communtications & Public Affairs at Ottawa International Airport Authority, so eloquently states....“The Authority and its employees have always believed in the philosophy "by the community, for the community". The airport was built with community support, and it is therefore it is the Authority's responsibility to give back. It does so in a variety of ways including through Project Clear Skies, the Authority's charitable giving program, through the annual Plane Pull Challenge, and through individual sponsorships and donations.”

"The Ottawa International Authority was established in 1997 to take over responsibility for operating the airport and developing airport lands under a 60-year lease with Transport Canada."

"Since 1997, the Authority has invested $500 million in the airport, including construction of a new terminal building and parking structure that opened in 2003, as well as several expansion projects that accommodate the nearly 4.5 million passengers that travel through the airport each year."

 “Participating in Kindness Week and supporting the Good Companion Centre is a pleasure, and it was an easy decision to make. It is very much in line with the Authority's organizational values and the donated furniture will be put to loving use by those who rely on and enjoy what the Centre has to offer.”

"The Authority recently celebrated the Ottawa Airport being named first in the world for Customer satisfaction among airports that serve between 2 and 5 million passengers. The Authority shares the honour with the entire airport campus and with the community."

More information about the Authority and Project Clear Skies can be found at

Danielle Lynn Photography 
As you can see, these two chairs are now providing a comfortable seating vignette for seniors visiting the reception area of the center. A great big THANK YOU goes out to Ottawa International Airport Authority from the design team, and the staff and seniors of The Good Companions for your generous donation.