Downsizing? Moving? Need to get a Grip?....

IMG_0263 Recognize this?



Does this look familiar?



....or maybe this rings a bell.


At some point this past year, you have had to do the big tidy up. Am I right? And you looked at that mess and said to yourself, 'maybe I'll lie down and wait till the feeling passes'. I have done that myself...a few times. And that's OK if the mess is not intruding on your daily life. But here's the thing, if you are moving, downsizing, selling or renovating, a big mess like this can bog you down.  I'm here to advise you that there is a simple procedure...10 little, but powerful points,  that can help you to NOT feel like you are bogged down with messes such as these.  I'm not going to tell you to buy bins, and garbage bags and either know all that or there are plenty of New Year blogs that will tell you how. I'm simply going to tell you to....

1. take a deep breath or two...part 1 of psyching yourself

2. DO NOT look at the big picture...this is a huge deterrent to success

3. psyche yourself...part 2... helps to get you in the zone to accomplish the task at hand successfully

4. give yourself plenty of time... sometimes going down memory lane takes a toll on your heart and on the clock

5. take baby steps....that means one slow step at a time

6. only one room at a time ...ALWAYS

7. be ruthless....there is a ton of garbage in that mess, do not be swayed into keeping it

8. edit edit edit....I think you know what I'm getting at, especially if you are downsizing...time to say 'bin good to know ya'

9. use all the equipment that the organizing pros suggest will thank them later when you are unpacking

10. bask in the glory of mission have done a fabulous job

Now onto the next space using the same 10 rules.


Oh BTW.... lousy pics, but aren't these spaces purty?