DXV from American Standard and BlogTourNYC

You are undoubtedly familiar with the iconic brand American Standard. Throughout the decades, we have seen this symbol, or one very similar, on our sinks, toilets and faucets. download


But would you have guessed that this brand is celebrating 15 Decades of fixture and faucet heritage in a celebration called DXV ....


DXV, another sponsor of Modenus #BlogTour NYC has curated fixture and faucet collections into four broad movements .... CLASSIC  1880- 1920, GOLDEN ERA 1920-1950, MODERN 1950-1910 and CONTEMPORARY 1990 -present. Each of these movements have been comprised to reflect the decorative look of the past combined with the functionality and aesthetic qualities of the present. Within each movement, there are one or two collections showcasing fixtures and faucets which reflect the historic qualities of the time period. However, the products can easily transition from each collection or movement to create an original and aesthetically gratifying kitchen or bathroom as dictated by the requirements of the the designer or client.

Untitled.jpg  CLASSIC.jpgThe  CLASSIC MOVEMENT  includes The Ashbee,  The Landfair, The St. George, The Orchard and The Victorian collections. These bathroom and kitchen fixtures and faucets are reminiscent of yesteryear. The form is more intricate with curved lines and detail.

Untitled 2.jpg 2.jpgThe DXV GOLDEN ERA MOVEMENT typifies less ornamentation and detail apparent in the first decades of the 20th century. It is a simpler time and as illustrated above, The Fitzgerald, The Keefe, The Pop, The Randall and The Wyatt collections have sleeker lines and are slightly more linear.

Untitled.jpg MODERN .jpgThe Rem, The Roycroft and The Fresno collections of the  The MODERN MOVEMENT , highlight the forward thinking and fewer constraints going into the second half of the 20th century. There is a contrast of fluid lines and geometry and an expression of moving forward.

Untitled.jpg 4.jpgWith The CONTEMPORARY MOVEMENT, shared influences from around the world are seen in The Lyndon, The Percy, The Seagram and The Isle collections. Contemporary is au courant, it is not static it is limitless and continuing to evolve.

To further celebrate DXV... 15 Decades, Veronika Miller, CEO of Modenus collaborated with 6 well known designers to design six spaces, either bathrooms or kitchens with the 4 DXV Movements and collections. The results were astounding. #BlogTourNYC was invited to attend the DXV Showroom in NYC and view first hand not only some of the DXV product line, but to also view the videos of the DXV Design Panel  and their completed 5 bathrooms and one kitchen.


Below are the result of the designers' visions incorporating the DXV kitchen sinks, toilets, tubs, bathroom sinks, faucets and co-ordinating accessories.

Untitled.jpg 6 1.jpg

As you can readily see, the DXV Design Panel designers have incorporated and interchanged the fixtures and faucets from the various collections. I encourage you to view all of the projects by watching the videos and scrolling through all of the accompanying photos. They are beautiful examples of  luxury bathrooms and a kitchen. Each project video and photo gallery is full of detailed inspiration, concepts, drawings and finally photos of the completed rooms. Congratulations must be extended to Veronika Miller... DXV 'Curator in Chief', the DXV Design Panel and American Standard for their 15 Decades of influential fixture and faucet design.

I would also like to express my gratitude to DXV for their BlogTourNYC sponsorship and the fabulous private lunch they hosted at Eataly, prior to our visit at the DXV showroom.



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