Dressing the master bathroom windows in M & J's new home was a no brainer. Doing it on a tight budget ... not so much. These new homeowners are spending their hard earned bigger dollars on permanent fixtures and those items that will travel with them to the next home. Smart thinking.  Although custom window treatments can cost up to 30-50% of your decor budget, each homeowner with a designer's help, can decide which windows require custom treatments. This master bathroom is at the back of the house and is a private space. I determined that the window treatments for this space could accomplish all the requirements and not break the bank.

The requirements:  1. must provide privacy  2. must hide an unsightly neighbour's exterior wall 24/7,  and the neighbour's windows behind them  3. must be attractive  4. must be functional when needed

Mission accomplished

The window on the left is non functioning, but faces the neighbours wall which also has a window facing them, but thankfully not directly facing this window. 
Solution:  1. a permanent window treatment that allows for privacy (light tested)  2. hides the wall facing this window  3. is certainly attractive  4. easily removed if need be. 

The larger, side by side window on the right is functional but faces the backyard and eventually their neighbours' back windows. 
Solution:  1. a functioning window treatment that allows for privacy from neighbours behind them
2. hides the view of neighbours' backyards when desired  3. again, is certainly attractive  4. is a functioning 'soft' roman shade that can be adjusted to several heights.

This became a DIY project for me that took 3-4 hours to complete. I used curtain panels from Ikea. I liked the grey swirling pattern which adds some softness to the otherwise linear elements in the space.  The left window treatment is hung from two tension rods, one at the top and one at the bottom. It is more or less permanent, but can be removed quite easily. The functioning window treatment on the left is made form the same fabric. It is attached by velcro at the top, and is manoeuvred the same way as most cloth shades, through a series of rings on the back and cording. 

Now that the privacy issue in this bathroom has been addressed, pretty accessories will follow.