I'm a purse aholic, and handbag hoarder, a sucker for satchels and have penchant for pocketbooks .......I admit it and I'm proud of it. If you follow this blog, I have mentioned my purse .... ahem ... addiction in a previous post. There is something about purchasing a new handbag that causes my heart to flutter. I have similar palpitations when I buy new shoes, but purses send me over the top in the heart rate department.

I'm going to Chicago next week.....so obviously I had to purchase a new purse, but not just any purse.
This purse.....

She resembles this Hermes Birkin....which I am requesting for my birthday....and at $62,251, am not likely to ever see in my wardrobe..... but a girl can dream.

Hermes Birkin

I adhere to the elements of decor when choosing my wardrobe and accessories. I'm typically about Function first, then Form, but I have to say, when I spotted this handbag beauty, the two Fs were suddenly running neck and neck in the race to outdo each other. Let's talk Form first. My emerald green, leather, faux croc, gorgeousness Due Fratelli by H&V is made in Canada, not France, and I shopped locally buying her at an Ottawa store, Shepherd's, not Hermes.   

Let's take a closer look at this green lusciousness. The Texture, the Colour, the Rhythm and Pattern exhibit elements of sophistication from decades past.  Let's not forget about the Size, Scale and Proportion which are perfect for my arm...BLISS.

Let's take a look inside as I discuss the importance of Function.

A purse which does NOT have a cavernous cavity is at the top of my purse requirement list. Having designated compartments is a boon. I can add and extract items without emptying my purse in public, with keys, wallet, measuring tape (every decorator needs one in her purse), colour swatches and paint chips and lipstick scattered on the mall bench, slipping between said bench slats and rolling on the floor....all the while searching for my sunglasses, which still happen to be on my head. You get the picture.... because it's happened to you too!

And she also sports a detachable shoulder strap, which for me is perfection as I sometimes, need to be hands free. Did I mention I'm going to Chicago and may have to go shopping?.... but not for a new purse...obviously!

When all the elements are aligned there is Harmony! 

If you're curious, I'm going to Chicago to attend KBIS ... The Kitchen and Bath Industry Show with some designer 'tweeps' (twitter friends) and not only that, we will be joining other tweeps for dinner and drinks, not once, but twice. And since I have never been to 'that toddlin town', I will be wide eyed and in awe as my tweeps show me around.... with my fabulous purse perched over my shoulder.