I couldn't sleep last night, and not because of my excitement due to Colin Firth winning Best Actor Award at the Oscars and his picture The King's Speech winning Best Picture no...I couldn't sleep because I had written AND then REWRITTEN my blog post for today. Why do it twice, and now do it a third time you ask?  Well, I was making tiny, almost insignificant corrections to the first post just before publishing.  I used Command Z on my Mac to undo a typo, as I had been doing all post was DELETED, gone, took a hike, flew away...NADA. I frantically tried to bring it back, knowing/thinking it was saved.  It was gone into the internet abyss...forever.
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I whined to my family...then had several glasses of wine, started to watch The Oscars, and tried to forget possibly the best writing I have ever undertaken...EVER.
The Academy Awards as a show...was...well, not terribly inspiring to watch, so I proceeded to rewrite my post...again...shorter, more concise, less pics.  I won't go into details, but the same thing happened AGAIN when I used Command Z.  “WHAAAAAAATTTT  THE.......” (you may insert your choice of invective here). 
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Rant now over... I’m at it again.
This post, is about my admiration for the blogs I read and the talented writers who write them. 
I have been reading blogs since I started tweeting 8 months ago. I have been inspired, educated and sometimes in awe of the writing talent of some non-professional blog writers. I have bookmarked some blogs for future reference and have commented on many others. I have subscribed to the blogs that speak my language and others that are just plain fun to read.  But my problem was, if they weren’t email subscriptions, I could not find them on my computer. Have I mentioned that I am seriously tech challenged...just ask any friend or family member...cue rolling of eyes.  At about the same time, I decided I would get my creative writing juices flowing, and start my own blog.
I realized only yesterday that I could create a blogroll of my favourite blogs and showcase then on my blog homepage. Brilliant. What for some people might only take 1 hr, took me over 2 hrs to compile and add to my blog...that novice thing again...rolling of eyes.  But, it is done, and I will be adding more...and I apologize if I am missing any, which I am sure I am.
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So, after you have finished reading this rambling post, please peruse MY BLOG INSPIRATION.  You will be thrilled you did.