This past November I was in Toronto perusing my favourite stores on Bloor with my middle daughter Lianne. We strolled through some stores and bought in others, adding items to our Christmas shopping bags. On the north side of Bloor, just west of Avenue Rd is HERMES....almost innocuous


I love saying Hermes...Err..rmez....Errr...mezzz. (wish I could figure out how to add the accent aigu)  I have window shopped at Hermes many times, but have never ventured inside...possibly intimidated by the splendid and preicise organization and display or the fact I never felt DRESSED UP enough. But not this day...


Be still my heart. A chaos angst driven woman's dream. Look at the orderliness, nothng out of place...You see it. You covet it. You buy it! ...End of story!.. no digging and searching... (unless I'm antiquing)...Shopping perfection, in my book.
We were very pleasantly greeted by a young woman who knew her Hermes stuff.
She was absolutely lovely, I must say.
I knew I wanted a Hermes scarf...I've been a scarf lover my entire life....I also knew hubby was stuck on the WOW Christmas gift. I immediately saw the scarf I wanted and Lianne concurred. With Lianne as my, confident, my-go-between...I settled on my Hermes scarf.

Flash forward to Christmas morning....I'm feeling a bit like Ralphie in "AChristmas Story"..he just knows he's gotta get....he's gonna get the Red Ryder BB gun of his dreams....
Hidden under the Christmas tree.....wrapped thusly...

and finally...voila...

MY Hermes scarf ...sigh. Would you look at those colours. Yes....this is indeed the scarf I chose....and yes, I know it is quite a lot of packaging, but let's face it...it's delicious packaging which will not be forsaken in a landfill any time soon. This bag and box and ribbon are keepers.  Hermes is iconic after all. It was established in 1837,  first designing harnesses, then saddles, and eventually saddle bags for the elite and finally scarves were introduced in 1937. My scarf is a Plisse pleated scarf. If I were to have it professionally pressed, it would be the same size as all non pleated Hermes scarves...exactly 90 X 90 cm.

If you know me, you know my favourite colour is red. Well... orange has been popping up in my wardrobe and decor for about five years....and it's here to stay. !!!

This fabulous gift also came with this deck of Hermes cards including some their scarf collection in every knot imaginable and a booklet "LE  CARRE  HERMES' featuring the autumn-winter 2011 collection which in itself is a feast for the eyes.

...and finally, the noteworthy and interesting catalogue LE MONDE D'HERMES AUTOMNE-HIVER 2011...explaining the history and background  and techniques of the Artisans...and yes, these folks ARE artisans... who work for Hermes and Saint Louis.
I will be asking for a new and different Hermes scarf next year for Christmas. These are pieces of art...worth something, especially the vintage scarves.......I'm seeing a 'scarf closet' in my future.