I have a camera...not a fancy dancy, lens changing, shutter speed altering one, but a fairly simple digital camera with several options and 10X zoom lens. I also have an iphone. But I am not a photographer. However, every now and then a scene presents itself and a picture must be took. I never know until I download them if they are worthy of posting...but here goes....

... taken in late fall, I literally almost stepped on this....not sure what is is, but in love with those colours and textures. This is not a shot I could design and make happen. BTW...taken with my iphone

Look at the colour variations ....mid afternoon....I'm thinking more white stuff is headed our way...

Almost the same angle as above shot... different day, different year. Sure am glad I whipped outside without a coat, boots or gloves. Three seconds later this scene had changed dramatically.


 For those of you who live or winter in warmer climes.....here is a reminder of what an Ottawa winter can decorate your home with. You don't want to be standing under one of these babies if it falls off the roof...OUCHA!!

Reminiscent of summer...a rushing waterfall that just can't freeze...but lovin' that touch of green framing this 'action' shot

Red sky at night....you just can't duplicate this.....Mother Nature and her palette at their best. I might be seeing The Pantone Colour of the Year 2013 in this shot. What do you think?

More red sky at sunset...after a storm at sea. I tried valiantly to get the unbelievable rainbow...I mean, how often are you lucky enough to witness a rainbow at sea?  But like I said,  I'm not a photographer.

...and a few minutes later. Speaking of Pantone....I think there might be a a variation or 2 or 3 of Tangerine Tango in this shot.

 Early morning coming into port. I'm in awe of the gradation of colours in this picture. Talk about calm. 

....oooopsa daisy...how did little Reese (my absolute favourite and only great niece) get in this post.  Oh ya, just happened to have my camera handy...and...well ... I'm a blubbering mush when it comes to adorable, cheeky, brilliant blue eyed babies.

I may not be a photographer, but I almost always have my camera at the ready, because I never know when all the stars will be aligned and that fabulous shot will be mine.