I need YOUR help.  This is one of my musing posts that has nada to do with design or decor. Here's the deal...I see the number 11 randomly....but CONSTANTLY...daily.

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I noticed this 3 years ago when we moved and were suddenly surrounded by digital clocks on the microwave, stove, bedroom, car, DVD, radio. I also notice 11 on addresses, number of characters left in a tweet, number of missed calls...the list goes on. Many days I will glance at a clock and notice it is 7:11....an hour later 8:11....and an hour later 9:11. This happens frequently. Just to be clear, I'm not looking to see 11 or a combo of 11s,  I just happen to look and there they are...not kidding. Oh, and BTW, that house we moved from 3 years ago was number 1169 ....just say'in.

A year or so ago, I was on the stationary bike watching Ellen Degeneres explain that she had named her newly launched record label 'eleveneleven' because she often sees the numbers 11:11.
 Ellen Explains Her New eleveneleven Record Label - The Ellen DeGeneres Show 
WHOA Nellie...I mean Ellie.....Whaaat did you just say? ...My legs were moving those bike peddles vigorously now....heart rate was up and I was composing in my head my email to Ellen...."You need to get a guest on your show that can tell us what this means Ellen"  I got off the bike, ready to type that email to Ellen, forgetting to turn it off, turned around and guess what?...yep 11 seconds on the timer left until my programmed 30 min was up.  Weird or what?


Don't even get me started on 11:11.  I posted this on FB on May 10th, 2011. (if I had given any thought, I would have posted on May11th.....right?)

Some of you know that I have a very strong relationship with the number 11. I constantly see 11s on digital clocks, house numbers etc....in fact my BD this year is 11/11/11. Now for the toooooo WEIRD story. I set my ipad as an alarm clock for 6:30 am. yesterday (Mon morning). It worked woohoo. I have only used the ipad app 4 times as an alarm clock and ALWAYS in the am. Last night my ipad started to sound the alarm. Whaaaaatttt????. I opend it up and it said 11:11pm and was set....but not by me or anyone else as a second alarm. the 6:30 alarm was still there. HOW???????....if it was a default alarm, why has it never gone off before??? WHY 11:11????

I have to tell you this freaked me out, not to mention some of the people who read that FB post.

When I was pregnant and in the third trimester with my eldest daughter,  I would wake up EVERY morning  at exactly 4:11am  for no apparent reason. She was born at 4:15am according to hospital records. Speaking of my daughter, she and her fiance have chosen February....you guessed it... 11th, 2012 as their wedding day, with no prompting from me, I might add.

On Tuesday, November 1st  OR 11/1/11,  I saw many tweets on twitter referring to the specialness of the day because of the 11s, and others were commenting on the upcoming 11/11/11.  People were going to celebrate...Really?   Some exclaimed excitement .... What?  Is there something I'm missing? If there is I want...no NEED to know, which is why I'm writing this post.

November 11th is also known in Canada as Remembrance Day, aka Armistice Day or Poppy Day where Commonwealth countries observed the official end of WW1 in 1918 at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11 month and continue to honour our past and living soldiers with a moment of silence at 11am. This day was a national holiday when I was growing up....Yippee!  It is usually a very sombre day indeed...especially when the cold November winds, rain and sometimes snow add to the bleak atmosphere.


Here's something interesting. Canada has dedicated  Highway 416 running south from Ottawa to Prescott  'Veterans Memorial Highway'  in memory of our fallen soldiers. As I was driving down this Highway recently ....don't know why, but I glanced at the highway sign and just had to add up the numbers... 4+1+6 =11...crazy huh?

I'm going to add one more tidbit to my tale. My birthday is November 11th....11/11/11 this year. I've never been terribly keen about having a November birthday, let alone a birthday on a day that  commemorates our dearly departed soldiers. But I heard that if your birthdate, month and year are the same number...it means champagne...which is fine with me. I'll have a glass ... or two...or maybe 11. And perhaps one of you readers can shed some light on this number 11 business.


Honestly....if you are someone, or know someone, or have any information about the number 11....please let me know. I'm not exactly haunted by this, but it is definitely more than a coinky dink.