In my dreams I have an office like this....

I designed this imaginary corner of MY perfect office in my perspective drawing class a couple of years ago. I was a little anal with the colouring I admit, but I never got this look out of my head.
Alas, my office looks nothing this glamorous, let alone this spacious or tidy.
I own none of the gorgeous hand crafted, solid hardwood furniture the zebra print hide rug, the button tufted, velvet desk chair, the horizontal striped window treatments...none of it. I made it up.

I can't...ok...I shan't show you a picture of my puny 10X10' home office/sewing room space...it would be a monstrous letdown. You might all query..."how on earth can an interior decorator have such an undecorated office space".

...or is it undecorated?

To appease you, I will instead show you some vignettes of what I have put in my space to make it my own...it speaks ME for sure....not the me of my dreams, but the me IRL.

My 'antique' red suitcases. I got the white handled one on my 4th birthday (I think I just dated myself) and found the other four antiquing several years ago...I just love them...

Anyone who knows me well will not be surprised to see these album covers on the wall in my office....these are so ME...I just never know when I might want to belt out ..."♫  the hills are alive ♪"....

I WILL get to this pile of fabric shortly... I promise

Freaky....I see the number "11" EVERY SINGLE DAY...on digital clocks, in the car, on addresses....and even in stores...I just look up...and there it is "11".  In fact my BD this year is 11*11*11
(not sure what it means, but if anyone out there does, let me know, but only if it's positive)

I love this sunny corner of my itsy witsy office. Serger thread, cutters, pens, pencils, buttons, fabric swatches, bulletin board all at my finger tips and topped off with a display of antique bobbins. 

I really enjoy the view from my window, but above my window...come on...not everyone has an antique 'singer sewing machine' sign. My friend spotted this on one of our antiquing trips and pretty much insisted that I should spring the big bucks for it. So glad I listened.

...and finally...I have been very fortunate as a small home based interior decorator to be published twice within the last year.  My family had my first published feature (top) framed as a Christmas present last year....I was beyond touched by this gift. I'm hoping they take the hint and get the bottom article framed for me this year for Christmas.

Although I don't have the gorgeous home office of my dreams, as a decorator, I want to impart to you that surrounding yourself with the items you love, the mementos, books, drawings....whatever speaks to you... can be meaningful and inspiring in your workspace when curated and displayed with thoughtfulness.