Is there any place better to wile away the summer heat than on a porch. I don't know about you folks, but sitting on a porch in the summer is equivalent to stting in front of a roaring fire in the middle of winter. Instead of being mesmerized by the crackling flames and a single malt scotch, I'm in lala land while reading my shelter mags, slow sipping a margarita. Its pure bliss...not kidding.

If you were around this blog last week, you will know that I had some summer porch readiness happening. I BADLY had to paint our wicker furniture. It took a long time...it took a lot of dibby dabbing....which you can more read about here.

Before the dibby dab process

The paint is finally dry and our front porch is ready for some  L A Z Y  summer action....sounds like an oxymoron, but..it is not.

I believe that the exterior of your home should be a reflection and extension of the personality and decor of the interior of your home. Let's face it, the curb, the walkway the lawn and front door should all say WELCOME and therefore so should your front porch. And just to be clear....this also goes for your veranda, patio and deck and even balcony ...wherever they are situated on your property.

The wicker is painted in BM Wenge. I wanted a rich, dark neutral background for the green and white seat cushions and pillows. I knew I wanted green and white on the pillows and cushions because our kitchen, which can be seen through the front door and down the hall, is also green with white trim.

I'm a big fan of million bells....they love our southern exposure, look super pretty and the red/orange are the exact hit of colour I want in my exterior room. 

I added more red /orange pops of colour with a few more accessories....and you guessed it...red/orange is another colour seen through my front door. 

scored these pretty red/orange candle holders  on the right...

An inexpensive indoor / outdoor carpet grounds the space. How about the folliage in the background. FAKE I tell you...it's all FAKE...but really good FAKE. It's been repurposed from the large living room in our previous home and it provides a certain amount of extra privacy, not to mention a great backdrop.

Light, is an important element in any space. Natural light is abundant here in the day, obviously.  In the evening though we can turrn on overhead pot lights and a pendant close to the door.  But candles are my light of choice on the porch...lots of candles that add that perfect amount of ambiance required when sipping my wine and listening to the crickets,  savouring the glorious warm summer months .... before I find myself back inside, gazing into a roaring fire.