Last week I spent 3 days at the Interior Design Show in Toronto. While I thoroughly enjoyed 
the experience, I can honestly say that the downturn in our economy left it's mark at the 
show in terms of an abundance of WOW. However, there were several exhibitors whose design savvy struck a chord with my own aesthetic that are worth mentioning.

 1.Wetstyle                  2. Stone Forest            3. IKEA Booth IDS 2013
These tubs take soaking to a whole new level, and each one is unique and suits the environment it is placed in....ahhhhhh!

1. and 3. Living Lighting on King        2. Cocoon      3. Pearson
Have I mentioned how much I love and appreciate the resurgence of warm metals.

1. Merganzer Furniture and Design   2. In Element Design   3. Caviar20
Not your usual four legged, stationary, wooden table table. Oh no, these tables have 
rhythm and movement.  

Sandrine Giraud

Not what you would expect at an Interior Design show, but this booth had a crowd around it continually. I had to investigate, then purchase this piece of wearable art. 

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