As if on cue, we arrived at our cottage last Friday to the 'white stuff'.

We had left Ottawa, a barren snowless landscape, to travel 1hr west, to buy a Christmas tree in hopes of bejewelling it and decorating the cottage for Christmas.

Even without lights and tinsel, our 10 1/2 ' tall Fraser Fir is a beauty.

We are lucky at Christmas to spend a week at the cottage...In fact our first night ever at the cottage was Christmas Eve, six years ago. Our rustic log cottage is nestled in a decidedly country setting, therefore our Christmas decor reflects that. I have bought very few Christmas decorations for the cottage...instead I have culled our antiques and more than 30 years of our traditional Christmas decor to decorate the cottage.

An antique chair and pine cone box I painted several years ago.

I bought these Matryoshka stacking Santa dolls when our girls were very little, thinking they could play with them ... 20+ years later they gaze down from the fireplace shelves.

Skiing Santa...one of seven different Santas I made.  I prefer traditional Santas... or St Nicholas.

Even the duck residing yearlong on our mantle gets gussied up for Christmas

Every Christmas Eve since they were babies, I have given the girls a Christmas ornament each. All of these meaningful ornaments are now divided between the city house and the country cottage.

Three traditional Santas...one for each daughter are the first decorations that are hung on our country cottage tree each year. 

Every December I lovingly remember my Grandma who crocheted several different snowflakes for all of her grandchildren.

I have 10 of these darling angels...meticulously made from pasta by a dear friend. 

An antique 'Crazy' quilt from Nova Scotia becomes the skirt surrounding our cottage Christmas tree and Rolling Santa ...another painting project I painted for my munchkins... patiently waits for Christmas Eve.

She's a wee bit wonky, has some boughs longer than others, and a few gaping holes (not to mention one string of white wired lights... gahh!), but she's perfection in all her imperfectness....inspiring our yearly refrain..."THE BEST TREE WE'VE EVER HAD"

....Bring on the snow

Christmas 2009

Wishing each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas and a Joyous New year!