Michele Varian and BlogTourNYC in Vignettes

IMG_8518.jpg Long time TW friend Michele Varian hosted Modenus #BlogTourNYC the night we all arrived in NYC. I had long desired a visit to Michele's shop. What a magnificent treat for all of us! IMG_8540.jpgMichele welcomed us into her gorgeous eclectic SoHo shop with champagne. Beginning an evening with champagne is a fabulous way to get to know new friends and of course, our hostess Michele. As you can see above, Michele and fellow blogger Marcy Michaud are sharing a tipple and having a special moment, as reflected in one of the many mirrors displayed throughout the store.

I was immediately inspired by the unique vignettes arranged strategically throughout the space. I'm a vignette lover...vignettes bestow a story. Michele's stories begin with her original wallpaper and fabric designs on sofas, chairs and pillows, combined with art and doodads, tchotchkes and candle sticks, imagined conversation areas...you want to sit a spell and take it all in. You don't want to miss a SINGLE tidbit in the carefully curated vignettes. This is what designers do best....they convey a visual story .... extract segments from various design elements and compose a space that is interesting and ultimately comfortable. Michele did this beautifully! Take a look....





IMG_8524.jpgYou must be sure to look up, or experience the disappointment of missing the heavy cardboard 'Egg Carton Pendants'...

IMG_8523.jpg...or the white cotton masts floating from the ceiling above adorable animal prints and white crockery .

IMG_8543.jpgAnd if your eyes wander sideways you'll catch the heavy planked swing dangling from two heavy ropes in yet another vignette. Perhaps if no one is looking, you may find yourself seated on that very swing.

IMG_8541.jpgMichele's wallpaper artfully displayed.

PicMonkey Collage.jpgTables are adorned with black dishes and candlesticks and your thoughts dribble back to your own kitchen where your dishes are primarily white....hmmmmm

IMG_8530.jpgA colourful explosion of pillows on metal racks with a sentinel blue wire chair.

IMG_8531.jpgtexture, texture, texture.....


A warm, warm Thank You to Michele for welcoming #BlogTourNYC into your shop.... it truly felt like home. I will be visiting again.

If ...no, WHEN you go to NYC, it is well worth your time to visit this unique shop in SoHo

  • 27 Howard St New York, NY 10013 United States

    b/t Lafayette St & Crosby St in SoHo


More #BlogTourNYC Vignette posts coming..... Calypso, Aisling Flowers/ Designer Tess Casey, Treillage /Designer Bunny Williams, AD Home Design Show, McGuire Furniture.....

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