Miele and BlogTourNYC ... Part Two

IMG_1581.jpg In my previous Miele post, I discussed our fabulous 1/2 day and evening at the Miele showroom.  At this point, I would like to express my huge admiration for Miele as a company.   Miele is represented in almost 100 countries, and no wonder. They have been vigilant in keeping their original 115 year old promise of Immer Besser .... Forever Better,  very much alive.  As the world's largest family owned and operated appliance business, Miele strives for the highest quality, while maintaining their performance record. Naturally, for this forward thinking and conscientious company,  high environment standards are also expected and met.  I myself am a Miele appliance owner. I have a 6 yr old Miele dishwasher and an eight year old Miele vacuum cleaner. I love them both, as much as anyone can love their household appliances and they have stood the appliance test of time wonderfully.  Knowing that #BlogTourNYC was in part sponsored by Miele, and that the bloggers would have some interaction with Miele for two days, was rather exciting for me.

Day two of BlogTourNYC, saw us shuttled off to AD Home Design Show where Miele was showcasing their newest product and their newest colour. We were some of the first to view and be awed by the new Miele Combi-Steam Oven which combines the power of steam and convection in one oven.


“The Combi-Steam Oven is the perfect partnering of Miele oven technology,” said KathrinPfeifer, Product Manager for Miele. “We’ve combined true European convection technology which offers the best cooking environment for roasting and baking with our unique external steam generator to create an all-in-one-oven that provides the consummate cooking fusion.”  Quote: Miele Press Release



I love the sleek lines and seamless integration as shown in the photo above. Julie McCrary, PR for both of our Miele days, is seen here at the MieleUSA booth presenting the integrated combination of the Combi-Steam Oven on top with conventional oven below. Must have appliances for the contemporary kitchen.

“Steaming is a fabulous way to retain vital nutrients,” explained Christine Avanti, nutritionist and author. “The benefit of steaming is the ability to gently cook food at a low heat thus retaining nutrients and palatability, whether cooking meats, poultry, fish – even desserts.” Featuring four shelves that fit a variety of stainless steel trays, the Miele Steam Oven allows users to easily prepare an entire meal – from appetizers to desserts in one oven. Flavor transfer is eliminated as pressurized convection steam creates a protective layer around the food, ensuring your salmon tastes like salmon and desserts stay sweet and delicious, all while cooking simultaneously. Quote: Miele Press Release


Not only did Miele introduce the Combi-Steam Oven, they also introduced their newest colour 'Truffle' as shown above. It's sexy, current, and gorgeous!


A great thrill for all us was the presence and introduction of Dr Markus Miele, the fourth generation to operate the company co-founded by his grandfather. Quite a family history of innovation, endurance and quality! Dr. Miele reiterated the philosophy behind Miele's success. There is no doubt, after spending some time with  Dr Miele that this fine German company is committed to producing energy efficient, high quality and cutting edge designed appliances.

IMG_1166.jpgOur day with Miele ended off with a #BlogTourNYC  group photo including the esteemed Dr. Markus Miele.

Again, Thank You for you sponsorship Miele. Each and every one of you involved made our #BlogTourNYC very memorable.


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