Modecor, Gestation, Birth and New Beginnings

Today I realized that I have been living in NYC for exactly 35 weeks, almost 9 months.....very nearly the amount of time it takes to grow a baby. Although I have been immersed with living in Manhattan and have written a few posts under the category 'Canuck In NYC', I have not been idle with my business Modecor Inspired Interiors. While I have been living in NYC, I have also been nurturing our condo 'baby'.... gestation is almost complete.  The many backs and forths to Ottawa lately have been very fruitful, but somewhat tiring. We moved all of our stored 'junk' from the cottage to the condo last Monday....


.....and I unpacked ....


..... and in order to decrease the number of boxes strategically lined up in the library, I unpacked dozens and dozens of books and loaded them on the shelves, which now desperately need major editing, pruning and styling ....


....but instead, I couldn't resist adding our Moroccan area rug and our 30 year old antique-brass floor lamp and (aided by a friend) our new leather lounger to the library.  And with that task completed, I came back to NYC.

I have been fortunate to work on a few smaller Ottawa and Toronto design jobs while living here in NYC. I don't have an office, in fact I don't have a desk, my desktop computer or any of my valuable office resources in NYC, making it difficult, but not impossible to consult.  About 2 years ago, our Toronto friends Steve and Kelley were in the very beginning stages of contemplating a kitchen renovation.

kelley kitchen

This 30 year old, extremely hardworking kitchen is not just getting a makeover, but a complete gut job. Kelley has not only provided culinary nourishment for her own family, but 40 daycare munchkins have sat in this kitchen and at this table for the past 25 years. Kelley is retiring next month and next week, a new kitchen will begin to emerge. I was thrilled to put pen to paper after getting these photos and kitchen dimensions, and do a super quick floor plan.


Kelley and Steve wanted a drawing to outline where potential new and improved storage and counter space could be achieved. I obliged by spending an hour on this very rudimentary, to scale drawing.

While I have been in NYC, Kelley and I have corresponded about every option available to complete the new kitchen within their budget and timeline. Of course Kelley and Steve have done most of the leg work themselves, with long distance consultations and approvals going back and forth between us the entire time I have been living in NYC. They have hired a kitchen cabinet company and my original sketchy sketch has been tweaked and improved and a new floor plan provided. All possible questions and concerns have been addressed in order to provide Kelley and Steve the kitchen of their dreams. I highly approve 100% the direction the cabinet maker and general contractor are heading.

Right now, Kelley and I are discussing colour schemes, furniture placement, artwork and accessories for the adjoining living and dining rooms that will coordinate with the finishes in the kitchen.


I was able to visit Kelley a few weeks ago. she had done her homework. Her dining table was covered in paint chips, fabric swatches, and kitchen finishes samples. Kelley LOVES blue! Kelley shall have blue in her new kitchen and throughout the main floor. The new colour palette is a huge deviation from their existing, and perhaps dated palette, but after 25 years and uber patience, it is time to move forward with a fresh scheme. It is time to depart from the functionally challenging kitchen. It is time for Kelley's retirement and the beginning of a new life for Steve and Kelley.



In other news, I will be heading back to Ottawa for the summer. Our new condo will provide the Ottawa home we need when going back and forth from NYC to Ottawa. We are very excited to be making this transition. And speaking of transitions,  gestation and growing babies, our grandson, Jaxson will have a brand new baby sister due to arrive August 1st. The very bestest and most important reason for me to get back to Ottawa.