One More Sleep until #BlogTourNYC

T-minus 19 hrs give or take, I will be touching down at La Guardia, New York. This little cocktail napkin very likely does not show where I'm headed exactly, but given the chance last week to snatch it up at a friend's while having pre dinner drinks, illustrates that even a napkin can get me tickled about this adventure. IMG_8493.jpg

I truly wish I had the time to give this post the attention it rightly deserves. For the past 3 weeks I have been going full guns to meet a work deadline. I expect to knuckle down on my #BlogTourNYC notes once I arrive at the airport tomorrow morning.

If you read my last post about #BlogTourNYC  , you will understand why this is such a fabulous trip and opportunity for me and the other attendees. Most of us have never met, however, some of us know each other through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. We will all meet IRL tomorrow around 5 pm in the lobby of the Sanctuary Hotel , our home base for the entirety of our stay. Our hostess and brains behind all Blog Tours, Veronika Miller of Modenus has ensured, along with her staff that we design and lifestyle bloggers will come back to our respective home towns loaded with fabulous design information and valuable hands on experience. We will be feted by by several sponsors including ... using Twitter handles...  BLANCO @Blancoamerica   Miele  @MieleUSA    Prizer Hoods  @Prizerhoods  DXV @DXV   West Edge Design Fair  @westedgedesign   Rutt Cabinetry  @ruttcabinetry . We will be attending AD Home Design Show, and participating in a floral arranging class, food styling and food photography classes. Earth Day will have special significance and we will be asked about our own personal eco friendly endeavours. There is more, so much more, including an event called Marys and Mimosas (I think this sounds divine). The entire time we are engaging in this wonderful #BlogTour NYC experience, we will be taking notes and photos, asking questions then we will be posting via SM our thoughts, experiences and take aways. Be prepared for very informative future blog posts subsequent to the tour. 


BTW, leaving behind the slush and snow, remnants of a very looooong winter in Ottawa, for the balmy temps of NYC  has necessitated new clothing and shoe purchases....which now need to be packed.

Please stay in touch...I will have so much to share.


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