The Ruskin Series by Rutt Cabinetry and BlogtourNYC

When I mentioned via social media that Rutt Handcrafted Cabinetry was one of the sponsors of #BlogTourNYC, I got a fabulous response from one of my designer TW friends ...' you will LOVE Rutt Cabinetry'. And indeed I did. Rutt has been in business for more than 60 years, producing luxury custom cabinetry which has promoted them as the 'master' of traditional custom cabinetry.  As it happens the new Ruskin series was being featured at the AD Home Design Show and Modenus #BlogTourNYC was invited to attend a media tour presented by Scott A. Stultz, the renown luxury kitchen designer who designed the Ruskin series. IMG_1169.jpg

Deeper relevance than just style was the impetus for the Ruskin series. Novelty for novelty sake does not have longevity Scott explained to all of us.

"The tension and balance between our primal and intellectual needs is a key issue in how we conceive our interior spaces and the design of the objects with which we populate them." Scott Stultz

Interesting concept  and analogy that was discussed even further. In our homes, we all seek comfort and safety which are primal needs and order and beauty which are intellectual needs. The Ruskin series marries both of the needs, creating a "family of distinct and diverse pieces that can be combined in endless variations." as Scott further explained.  Music to any designer's ear.  The photos from the booth illustrate the kind of detail conceived and executed by Scott....where the past meets contemporary, where proportions are robust, while vertical lines are graceful. Complementary details are combined to create the primal function while intellectual elements conceive the form.


The design is in the detail ...the detail is in the design.  We are introduced to cornice molding, cove top cornice and the flat cornice.


Brackets are designed, scaled and proportioned  to replicate the crown molding .


The faceted corner posts, cove drawer front, bracket profiles and LED lighting ... hallmarks of Ruskin

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

Horizontal members that are wider than vertical members of the mullions and contrasting interior colour, set Ruskin apart.


Miele, another #BlogTourNYC sponsor also had a presence at the Rutt Cabinetry booth. The Miele wall oven and coffee system are integrated beautifully into the Ruskin appliance armoire.


Interior details... like jewlery boxes, further enhance the primal/intellectual design of the Ruskin series.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

Although this post is photo centric, they cannot adequately express the the attention to detail, form and function of the Ruskin series. If you are contemplating luxury, custom kitchen cabinetry, Ruskin of Rutt Cabinetry should be on your sourcing list. For more information on the Ruskin series and Rutt Handcrafted Cabinetry, please check out their website at

It was a pleasure to meet Scott Stultz and to be introduced to the Ruskin Series at Rutt Cabinetry. I would like to thank Rutt Cabinetry for inviting #BlogTourNYC into their booth and for their generous sponsorship.

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