Storage and a Log Wall Removal...YIKES!

I need more storage at the cottage. Not a lot of storage, just a bit. As you may know if you follow me, we are downsizing to a condo and some of our dishes will not be invited. I can't bear to part with my red and white transfer ware I need a spot at the cottage to show them off. This beautiful antique pie cupboard will fit the bill. But I have to remove some logs before she will be comfortable in her new abode. IMG_9760.jpg

When I spied this pie cupboard in Almonte at Tin Barn Market, I knew I need look no further. It was close to the perfect size, had the character and history I was looking for and needs very little fix up. I am on the hunt for some vintage wire screening however.


She's going here, on the right side of the post, where the irregular checker board is situated now. Notice the initials on the checker and bottom...Mike and Maureen Coates. I will find another suitable spot for this weird, but meaningful find.

IMG_2036.jpgProblem is, I need my new showpiece to be inserted into the logs so she will not jut out into the room. I'm especially anal about tight spaces and allowing for traffic flow, but I'm also especially anal about having this pie cupboard in exactly this location. In fact, this is the ONLY wall in the cottage suitable for the pie cupboard. Truth be told, I have never been fussy about ALL the log walls in the cottage, I wanted more painted walls, but Mike really wanted a 'cabin' feel, so I acquiesced.... for 8 years.

PicMonkey Collage.jpgThis is what I'm doing.....well in fact my son-in-law Jordan is doing this weekend, with my project managing skills. In the stairway leading down to the basement, he'll be adding two new studs, and a header, taking down 2 original studs, cutting away the log siding in between the two new studs, trimming off  some of the bottom of the pie cupboard and inserting into place. I will then paint the exterior in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and finish off with a dark wax. Very soon this sweet pie cupboard will be displaying my red and white transfer ware collection ....and perhaps a few home baked pies.

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 5.34.18 PM