The powder room, adjacent to M&J's front hall needed help....desperately. Michelle wanted to see WOW when looking to the left upon entering their new home. I was thrilled to comply, as a powder room is open to a myriad of decor possibilities.... you can go bold, bright, cheery or sexy. In fact, the powder room offers an opportunity to deviate from the colour scheme and personal style throughout the rest of your home.  I say go wild!!!

Inspiration can come from many sources. Michelle loved the chartreuse colour on the centre Pinterest board on the left that matched her hand towel on the right. I was totally into the pattern. Wallpaper would have been fabulous, but in a moment of weakness, I agreed to stencil the powder room. Did I mention the room is 4X5'? We both went on line and I found a similar pattern on Cutting Edge Stencils   

Gorgeous overall pattern and looks pretty easy huh?

I think I mentioned the powder room is 4X5'...ya, I think I did. 
See the photo on the left....that is how the ladder had to be positioned to stencil part of the sink and toilet wall and the wall adjacent. I also had to stencil in between the two walls at every corner, 4 in total, and match the pattern too boot. Did I mention I'm going to be a grandmother in 4 months. I love doing these DIY projects for me or family, but I had not stenciled since 1991... and it was a boarder around my kitchen, not 4 walls. 
Anyway, I started with the ceiling in the same colour I was going to stencil. I used the recommended 'ben' paint from Benjamin Moore.  The chalky builder paint just sucked my paint right up and left a horrible mess. Jordan came to my rescue and bought Benjamin Moore 'Aura' to complete the ceiling in one coat. Yeah Jordan! The bottom photo is the finished ceiling. BTW, good angled brushes are a must for cutting into ceilings etc. I did not tape off the wall to paint the ceiling. 


I have to say, wallpapering would have been done in 1/3 of the time, but I'm thrilled with my little 4X5' back...not so much. 

OK... so what I learned
  • read and follow ALL of the instructions that come with your stencilling package
  • do not think for a second that your stencilling project will be a quick job.....especially if you are doing an entire room and not just a feature wall. 
  • have plenty of rags on hand for touchups, wipe ups and general clean up afterward. 
  • do not plan any strenuous activity that night(s)
  • do have a double scotch after you have reclined for 2 hrs
  • and .... do have another double scotch after you have reclined for 2 hrs
  • do go back the second day with a positive attitude
  • and if your energy is not completely zapped after the job is complete and after you have tidied up your mess, help your children hang up some artwork before you head home. 
  • do have a double scotch after you have reclined for 2 hrs
next up on ' M&J get the house decorated' ...stencilling a backsplash (I cannot believe I just wrote that)