My back aches, my feet are deformed, and I now walk with one shoulder higher than the other, but it was so worth it. IDS12  Canada's largest contemporary design fair, in Toronto celebrated it's 14th show this past weekend, welcoming designers, decorators and interested public to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Certainly wish I'd worn a pedometer to track the well over 10000 steps I walked in my pursuit to visit, connect and sometimes chat with some of the over 300 exhibitors.

Right off, I have to admit that I'm not a trend follower....but if recycling, up-cycling, repurposing and creating functional and beautiful items from natural materials are trendy,  then I'm IN...hands down....and rather hope it's here to stay!

Up first...BROTHERS DRESSLER.  I could have sat for hours in this booth and chatted about the unique design vision using ecologically friendly, reclaimed, locally manufactured materials that these guys utilise to craft bespoke furniture and lighting.

For a different process and application of birch, oak and pine we'll visit woodlight where specially selected backed veneers are chosen to create these lovely, contemporary, translucent light fixtures.

Have I ever mentioned that I'm a huge Artisan fan. Check out these gorgeous one of a kind sinks from  livingstones.  These beauties, produced from stone located in Eastern Ontario, are mined, carved and finished by John Schweighardt. I was revelling at the variation and colouration of each spectacular piece. 

Moving from hard to soft fabrications, my next visit is with  ARMSTRONG TEXTILES.  We're talking weaving here. Not only does Lesley Armstrong produce clothing, but has been commissioned to design and weave contemporary draperies and textile panels for commercial and residential applications. 

More IDS12 fabulousness on this blog coming up shortly. In the meantime, if you crave more design inspirtation check out  Lisa Goulet Design  and  JAX does design where Kelly is compiling a list of other spectacular IDS12 posts.