Treillage, Bunny Williams and BlogTourNYC in Vignettes

Our final day with Modenus #BlogTourNYC was organized by Tina Ramchandani and Sarah Sarna of Franklin Eighth. More about Tina and Sarah and our final day of BlogTourNYC in my next post. After having the morning 'OFF' and spending it shopping with some of my new blogger buddies, we headed to Treillage, the store co owned by Bunny Williams and her husband John Rosselli. This is what greeted us at the door... IMG_8672.jpg...and this is what greeted us just beyond the door. Have I mentioned that we were treated like Royalty? IMG_1304.jpgBunny and her husband John have owned Treillage, a garden, interiors and antique store since 1991. I truly believe they have THE best job on the planet....sourcing, travelling and shopping the world to fill their store with antiques, artisan wares, unique pieces and whatever pleases their eye and design aesthetic. Are they not just the cutest couple? IMG_1293.jpg We were all eager to hear Bunny talk about Treillage, traveling, her design business and the four books she has written, but we were encouraged to peruse the store first. What a delight. IMG_8678.jpgThe potting sink at the back of the store caught my eye. I'm not sure we were intended to be back there, but I'm certainly glad I took the chance and snapped this photo. IMG_8675.jpgLater on when Bunny was discussing antiquing and how to find that special something, I mentioned that I have trained myself to always look up and she readily agreed. Hence this photo of a wrought iron chandelier hanging from a skylight in the middle of the shop.  You never know what you will find when scrutinizing in every direction...up, down, over and under. IMG_8682.jpgWe were served a wonderful lunch as well. Beautifully displayed ... I love this entirely unique table scape. IMG_8688.jpgBunny sharing her thoughts on travel, antiquing and her design business. One of my biggest take aways from Bunny's thoughtful discourse was her advice that all designers should take drawing classes. Drawing or sketching helps train the brain to really see objects in their true form and in their surroundings. This translates into aiding the actual design process as you develope a sense of scale and proportion, shape and size etc. Great advice if you ask me....I'm a bit of sketcher now, but I might invest more time in this relaxing activity. IMG_1288.jpgAs mentioned before, I'm a huge vignette enthusiast. When done well and with purpose, a vignette can convey the love of a certain colour, or a theme, present a beloved collection, beckon you sit down and let a moment of time pass unhurried. Treillage vignettes not only exhibited the wares for sale, but also encourages the shopper to replicate the importance of vignettes in their own homes. IMG_1302.jpg

IMG_8676.jpgBunny Williams Home collection... Button Down Chest in Cerused Oak.....LOVE!!! IMG_1301.jpgThe mix of furniture, colour, texture and pattern compels the customer to sit for a spell. An example of Bunny Williams for Dash and Albert rugs completes this inviting ensemble. IMG_1300.jpgA trio of glass vases adorned with palm leaves is complemented with colourful tea light holders lamps and frogs. IMG_8687.jpg BlogTourNYC reflected in a mirror in Treillage. There are a variety of mirrors sprinkled throughout the shop and each one echos the image of another wonderful Treillage find. IMG_1299.jpgI did some shopping. I couldn't help myself. I asked Bunny if she would sign my new purchases and she willingly obliged. I'm so excited to have these two books, displayed in a vignette in my living room. IMG_1286.jpg....and now Bunny Williams and I are like  X THIS X. IMG_8671.jpg THANK YOU, THANK YOU , Bunny Williams, John Rosselli , Tina Ramchandani, Sarah Sarna of Franklin Eighth and of course Modenus for this most wonderful shop tour, lunch and chat at Treillage.

More information on Bunny Williams Home website . More information on John Rosselli Antiques.

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